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Solaris Nanosciences is developing solutions for the rapidly expanding global solar energy market expected to exceed $18 Billion by 2010. Solaris has proprietary and patented approaches for dramatically lowering the cost of solar panels and improving the efficiency of photovoltaics.

Our proven and validated process for recharging of low manufacturing cost dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC) eliminates the existing lifetime limitations of these photovoltaics, allowing them to function beyond the lifetime of current silicon technology. When combined with government subsidies, these solar cells will cost the consumer less than $3,000 with a five year payback period. This is in comparison to current silicon technology which requires cash outlays of $12,000 or more with payback periods in excess of twelve years in most US residential markets.

Furthermore, the Solaris’ non-toxic materials based process for recharging DSSCs allows for future improvements in the installed base of solar cells through recharging with newly developed, higher-efficiency dyes. This technology represents the world’s first and only rechargeable photovoltaic with the capability for post-installation upgrades. Based on conservative market growth and penetration, we believe that this product can exceed a billion dollars of annual revenue for Solaris within the next decade.

Various colors in a series-connected dye solar cell modules, courtesy of Dr. Winfried Hofmann, RWE-Schott.

Rechargeable Solar Cell